"Where authentic values meet innovative technology."

Chris Limina
President Gladiac Technology

Your technology partner.

Advances in mobile and wireless technology are increasing digital influence on culture more and more each day. Leverage this power creatively and effectively to be above and beyond your competition.

Security Savvy

Gladiac Technology can help to protect your business and personal interests. Let us partner with you when going digital with your product or service.

Industry Knowledge

Gladiac Technology possesses many years of technology experience. Let our industry wisdom and relationships provide value for you and your clients.

Stunning Visuals

Gladiac Technology understands the benefits of utilizing high quality imagery and creating an immersive visual experience. When a customer is faced with a difficult choice, image sets you apart from your competition.

Quality Workforce

Gladiac Technology prides itself in working with the best local talent. We enjoy parterning with organizations that value fostering valuable and lasting business relationships.

Mobile Support

Gladiac Technology has experience building solutions that support all of the latest mobile platforms.

Deadline Driven

Gladiac technology understands the importance of meeting deadlines.

Internationalization Support

If you wish to support multiple languages, let us be your partner in deploying these solutions.